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eLAB®_pilot - the game has just changed!

eLAB®_pilot is the first shade matching application of its kind!

Together with the eLAB® protocol and the eLAB®_copilot instrument-set, it can generate personalised shade mixing recipes for over 10 different common ceramic systems*, including lithium disilicate, zirconium dioxide and traditional metal ceramic systems. The eLAB®_pilot is a game changer for color matching in restorative dentistry and breaks with traditional paradigms. It is the ultimate tool to achieve accurate shades matches, fast and accurate!

Delivery in 90 days.

The eLAB®_pilot will be on a monthly subscription plan and launch separately in 90 days. It provides mixing recipes for the below listed products.

Willi Geller Creation CC
Willi Geller Creation Zi-CT
GC Initial Zr FS
GC Initial MC
GC Initial LiSi
Vita VM9
Vita VM13
Ivoclar e.max ceram
Ivoclar Style ceram

*Stains are not included