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eLAB®_copilot is a range of instruments designed to work in harmony with the accompanying eLAB®_pilot app which will be available on a separate monthly subscription plan.

Crafted to perfection, elegance and accuracy, the eLAB®_copilot instruments  portion and dispense the Ivocolor stains E17 (anthracite), E21 (basic red) and E22 (basic yellow) as well as the white bleach dentine of over 10 common ceramic systems supported by the eLAB®_pilot app*, including lithium disilicate, zirconium dioxide and traditional metal ceramic systems

Together with the eLAB® protocol, the eLAB®_pilot app and the eLAB®_pilot are a game changer for color matching in restorative dentistry, breaking with traditional paradigms. 

Delivery on 31.08.2018.

The eLAB®_pilot will be on a monthly subscription plan (35€+VAT) and launch separately on 31.08.2018. It provides mixing recipes for the below listed products.

Ivoclar e.max ceram
Willi Geller Creation Zi-CT
GC Initial LiSi

More to follow soon!

*Stains are not included





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