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visual_eyes® 148/149

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visual_eyes® 148 - For Creation ZiCT, e.max ceram & Noritake CZR

visual_eyes® 149 - For Creation CC, GC MC & LiSi

visual_eyes® is an optical contact liquid for the eLAB® technique. It allows for pre-visualisation of the color of the unfired ceramic, while it is still wet. Dentine powders and standard enamels (i.e. E57, E58, E59, S1, S2 ect.) usually carry red and blue food dies. These need to be removed prior to use with visual_eyes (refer to manual). All other powders including opacious dentins and effect powders are usually free of food color and do not require any specific preparation. visual_eyes® can be used with any dental ceramic. 

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