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23./24.11.2018 eLAB® hands-on course with Danijela Modrić

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Join me in Zagreb, Croatia on the 23./24.11.2018!!



Matching natural tooth shades reliably remains a formidable challenge in the every day for those individuals who strive for perfection. A huge amount of shade sensitive anterior restorations are routinely returned to the lab for shade alterations or complete re-do’s, causing considerable financial loss and frustration. Moreover, the demands of an increasingly globalized market place impose new challenges on the high street ceramist which prohibit direct contact with patients due to geographic distance. How can the clinician communicate tooth shade accurately using commonly available technology with a standardised protocol, and how can the ceramist replicate the shade reliably without costly redo’s? Watch this demo to see the formidable eLAB® System live and in action!



The objective of this hands-on course is to master the challenge of reliable shade matching of indirect restoration (ie. single central restorations), using the eLAB®protocol.

 Topics covered include:

  • Setting up your camera for the eLAB protocol
  • Taking shade pictures correctly and quickly from a patient (live model)
  • Using Adobe Lightroom for the digital work flow
  • Measuring tooth color and formulating a patient personal shade mixing recipe using the newly developed eLAB_pilot software and eLAB_copliot software
  • Using Adobe Photoshop and Apple Keynote for the digital try-in



  • Traditional shade communication and visual shade assessment vs. eLAB protocol
  • Understanding metamerism and its origins
  • Replacing shade guides with the eLAB system: a new standard for shade communication in dentistry
  • Getting predictable results in the every day


ZirCAD BL coping, Willi Geller Creation ZI-CT ceramic



1992 - 1996 Diploma in Dental Technology from Zagreb Health School

 1998 Master Dental Technician degree from the University of Zagreb, the School of Dental Medicine

2010 - 2015 Continuous education through attendance of conferences and hands-on courses by internationally renown lecturers including Gerald Ubassy,  Robert Zubak, Shigeo Kataoka, Claude Sieber, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Thomas Stefan Singh and Sascha Hein.



1998 - Employment in various commercial dental laboratories in Zagreb

2009 -  Head of dental laboratory in a private dental clinic in Zagreb

2009 -  First place in the competition ”Best metal ceramic work” by Ivoclar Vivadent

2015 - Appointment as official demonstrator for Creation Willi Geller Ceramics in Croatia.

2016 -  Launch of  D&D dentalni dizajn Ltd., in Zagreb, Croatia

2018 -  Appointment  as official eLAB instructor by Sascha Hein



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