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15./16.02.2019 eLAB® hands-on course with Cai Verweij and Irmen de Vries

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Join us in Beilen, NL on the 15./16.02.2019!!


A simulation model with extracted natural teeth will serve as our master model. One of the two central incisors has been prepared to receive a crown. The relevant areas of the tooth will be measured with a suitable dental camera system in combination with the polar_eyes filter and the necessary software. After that an individual dentin recipe will be formulated using the eLAB system. When the crown is ready, the accuracy of the shade match can be checked in-vitro on the simulation model.


The course is conducted by eLAB_instructors Cai Verweij and Irmen de Vries. Cai Verweij started his career in 1999 with the Dental Technician education program in combination with working in the field. In the years that follow, he works in various positions at different locations and departments, through which he has undergone a broad development. Since 2009 he has been working at Kwalident Dental Studio, where he focuses mainly on the higher segment. In his work he finds the precision with which he works and the attention to quality and customisation the most important. To Cai, it’s all about quality and perfection.

Irmen de Vries also started his career in the dental technician field in 1999. He quickly immerses himself in the function theory for which he wins the Van Hamond Prize in 2007. In the period that follows, he focuses on porcelain and in particular the design in the anterior work. In 2014, Irmen met Stephan van der Made from Kwalident. They got into conversation and one thing leads to another: Irmen starts working at Kwalident. In his work, Irmen considers respect for nature very important and he strives for the most natural result. He wants maximum quality and follows courses and lectures to deepen and broaden his knowledge.

For more information, please contact Linda van Hal at cusp@kwalident.nl or calling +31 6 - 2880 6243

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